Embed zoom video to a web server

@deepak1 I solved with this:

"<meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="upgrade-insecure-requests">"

but I suggest you to start with SDK sample app


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Hi everyone, I’ve been following this thread as we’re trying to embed Zoom meetings into a Page on our Wordpress site for a while now without any luck. It seems like there is a lot of code going back and forth in this thread and I just wanted to know what is the best code that is available to try to copy / paste that will work. I also am aware of the Wordpress embed plugin for Zoom meetings but it has some limitations so I wanted to see if the iframe code would work or another better solution.

Tommy, you are awesome with your responses. Thank you. I want to be able to allow users to watch the video from their cell phones or tablets through the embeded view and not have to download and install zoom. What is the best way to accomplish that?

Its working perfect via computer but so many use mobile devices.

@tommy I’m in the same situation, in the URL parameters I put the name and email, even so he asks in the iframe.

URL: https://pathable.zoom.us/wc/77732008250/join?prefer=1&un=base64EncodedName&uel=base64EncodedEmail


Hey @tommy. Thanks for the support. Im trying to have mobile users be able to view the zoom video from their devices without downloading or launching the zoom app and just watching via the embedded web page. What is best way to accomplish this???


Hey @raul, @fabio.fernandes, @jonharari, @developer613,

For embedding Zoom into a website, use our Web SDK:


Hello, @tommy . Can anyone help me. I am using the zoom for streaming in seperate project. Currently user get a link to a stream he clicks on it and if the zoom app is installed he can join the stream there. How can I prevent opening the zoom application and leave user in iframe? Thanks

Hi @finiv.1993, as Tommy & Michael have stated above, we strongly suggest using the Web SDK to join the user rather than an iframe. This will launch the user within a contained Zoom meeting, not the client.

Hi, i’m developping a website for spot federation during the confinment.

My question is : is WebSDK available to join a meeting created with a free account ?
my client will have pro account, but personnaly i don’t have so, so in order to test, i need to use WebSDK with free account.

it seems it’s not available, could you please confirm ?
(I always have a time out error message trying this websdk)


Next question, how to restrict the websdk into part of the screen for have some internal chat available below the zoom meeting on the same website


dear all, I finally got a pro account, but even now i have time out error when trying to join a meeting using webSDK

any idea ? maybe the signature has not the correct timecode ? i’m not sure timezone are correctly taken into account.

Can someone help ?

Thanks & regards

Hey everyone,

Right now the official supported way to embed Zoom into a website is with our Web SDK. We have tutorials, sample apps, and docs to help you.

We are considering supporting an official iFrame solution in the future.


Hey @VincentV,

Please create a new topic in #web-sdk with the issue and details so we can help.


Hey @tommy,

Hope all is good. We got the websdk in and this is the code we are using. I want to know if we can stick a static meeting id in and not require password so anyone with web page access can join the meeting to watch. help is appreciated as always!!!

html, body { height: auto; width: auto; min-height: initial; min-width: initial; overflow: auto; font-size: initial; padding: initial; margin: initial; font-family: initial; color: initial; } #zmmtg-root { display: none; z-index: 1; }
            <input type="hidden" id="meeting_lang" value="en-US" />
            <input type="hidden" id="meeting_role" value="0" />
        <div class="form-button-wrapper form-button-wrapper--align-left">
            <button type="submit" class="button sqs-system-button sqs-editable-button" id="join_meeting">Join</button>
            <button type="submit" class="button sqs-system-button sqs-editable-button" id="clear_all">Clear</button>

Thanks Tommy, in fact i managed to make it work, even with free account
everything is very good

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I had this issue, you need to cut off any ‘sandbox’ commands and you will be able to go further on join section.

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Hello Tommy,
I have a question. From my web application I would like to call a contact via his personal MeetingID (PMI). The problem is that if the contact is not in the meeting nothing happens. His Device / Desktop remains silent. While if the call for example starts from the app of my iphone by clicking the contact ‘meet’ in my address book the device / desktop rings. Is it possible to call a contact (the meeting is then done via iframe in the web app) from my web application and then show it in the iframe?
Thank you all.

Hi Tommy,

I am trying to embed zoom video through and i have tried all of the options as provided in this thread but its still not bypass the username screen.

Please see the below code i have tried :

I have tried this code also :

Please help out to fix this issue.

Hi Tommy,

We are using Pheedloop virtual event app for our online conference and they integrate Zoom into it through the web SDK. They told us it wasn’t possible to have breakout rooms or interpretation through this method. Is there a workaround? thank you.