Is there an IFRAME based "player" for Zoom Webinars - (for watching only)

A client of mine runs zoom webinars, and loves the product - zero problems with it - but they have a contingent of users (older persons) who have a lot of trouble with getting the app to work and clicking the link… but they know how to get to my clients website.

Is it possible / Is there a way to show the audio & video of the webinar via an embed/iframe on a website. With zero need for participation back to the webinar. We just need a way for people to watch the broadcast.

No error

Which Client Web SDK version?
Latest, but I haven’t tried using it yet.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Nothing to reproduce


Device (please complete the following information):
Modern web browsers.

Thank you!

Hey @duran ,

Checkout my post here:


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