Embed zoom video to a web server

Hey @kevin.mackey,

Unfortunately we do not have an ETA.

As a work around I would try using the /j and /s endpoints to embed your video to an iFrame.

To Start Meeting:

To Join Meeting

Or our Web SDK.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello Tommy,

No pressure but we could really use the iframe /wc/ fixed

No pressure.:smiley:

Hey @L_ola, Thanks for posting and using Zoom!

We are working to have a fix this week. In the meantime use the work around I shared above. :slight_smile:

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. JIRA ZOOM-112803


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Hey there, @tommy! just wondering if there’s any new on the fix for this.

Hey @ninjaoptionswarrior, @L_ola, @kevin.mackey, @gpal, and everyone,

We will have this (/wc path) fixed in a release coming this weekend.

Thanks again for your patience.


@tommy Thank you you and your team are amazing !!
I so look forward to being able to use zoom more.

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Thanks for the compliment Kevin :slight_smile:


Hi Sir I am using the zoom web client and don’t want to install the app on my device but if I share the video on the screen to join the video meeting and enable optimize for live streaming then it gets delayed more then 15 seconds…Is there any solution?

Hey @irfanalijoji, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

What browser are you using? Also are you embedding the video into your site via an iFrame or just going to the meeting url in a browser?


Sir I am using google chrome and I am using PHP curl request to do so

Good, google chrome.

How are you using the PHP curl request?



$ch, array(
CURLOPT_URL =>‘https://zoom.us/wc/680834348/join?prefer=1&un=TWluZGF1Z2Fz’,
$output = curl_exec($ch);
echo $output;

Sir this is the curl request code which I used to fetch

Hi @irfanalijoji,

To confirm, your issue is with the link itself or trying to share while the meeting has started?


<iframe style="border:none; height: 600px; width: 100%;" src="https://zoom.us/wc/120885023/join?prefer=0&un=Users" sandbox="allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin" allow="microphone; camera"></iframe>

Hello all, here is my code. Video and Audio work on chrome, no audio on Safari. But I noticed is that anytime a user tries to join an ongoing meeting the host must admit them in. is this because a meeting password was not set or an issue with my code?

Hey @L_ola,

Here is the browser support for the Zoom Web Client:

As for the host having to admit them in, make sure the waiting room setting is turned off in your meeting settings, profile settings and or account settings.

Let me know if that works!


Thanks @tommy I noticed i left the Waiting Room option active, thanks for the prompt response.

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I have looked almost everywhere in the documentation for the following…
I am looking for a full list of these web client commands:

  • prefer=0
  • zc=0
  • un=IElUIEhlbHBkZXNr

Would someone be able to point me to the source page of this information?

Thank you!

Hey @nick.hood,

We do not have documentation on the web client join query params.

prefer and un must be used together to by pass the enter your name page when using the Zoom Web Client join url:

prefer sets the join with audio to computer audio. 1 is the only option.

un is the name (base64encoded) to be displayed for the user joining

I am not sure what zc is, where did you find that?


I see, Thank you!

What I am building (or trying to build with limited programming / API experience) is a webpage for monitoring 4-12 LIVE classrooms with the Zoom client running in each classroom. With the older technology (H.323), we had a monitoring capability with each classroom to see and hear what is going on.
With my knowledge so far, the only thing I lack is a JavaScript way to mute receiving audio so all classrooms are not overlapping, which is why I was wanting see if there were additional WC join query params.

I am sure there is a good API for this, but I am not as proficient in programming as I need to accomplish this task.

Thank you again for the quick response!

Hey @nick.hood,

You can accomplish this via the Zoom Web Portal by changing the default mute settings. Turn the “Mute upon entry” setting on.

You can do this on a per meeting basis, per Zoom user basis, or per Zoom master account basis


Let me know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile: