Embeddable Players


When can we expect embeddable players for the web?


I would like to be able to embed live events on web pages so that my audience can view both the livestream and recorded videos in a browser




Hi Erick, all our recordings are in mp4 container format - you should be able to embed a player such as JWPlayer in web pages to play our recorded videos. 

On the live stream, we just announced the streaming of webinars to Facebook live and youtube. We will be looking into extending that to meetings and also publish the rtmp URL so that it can be opened through an embedded player in the browser. We will keep you posted in the coming months. 


I’d like to echo the feature request. It is great to be able to stream to Facebook, YouTube.  Cool.  Better to be able to get an iFrame or similar link / coding to be able to embed the webinar / live stream to a website, because we can get much more data about those viewers via our own web site and marketing platforms than we can get when washing it through YouTube and Facebook. 


I would echo the comments already made. I’d like to do a simple screen share from a meeting, but allow others to view it live. I appreciate that that could conceivably allow more than 50 to view, but the flip side is that they really wouldn’t be able to participate as in a real meeting, or in a webinar, just view only in an embed on my website.


A brief follow up… we were able to stream to Facebook & YouTube, then snag what we needed there to live stream to our website. Very cool stuff Zoom!


Hope you guys are enjoying the functionality!

That’s a neat trick Randy!



I use a standalone PC, which join Zoom or other meeting service based on meeting status, and use OBS to broadcast to stream server automatically.

the solution is not perfect but it works. hope can help you.



Zoom has API to push meeting status (but it does not work sometimes for meeting status STARTED) , the ENDED status is working.

the procedure is :

1 get the meeting status based on API 

2 check if the meeting need broadcast

3 if needed. configure the OBS stream live automatically.

4, join the meeting, start live stream

  1. on event (ENDED), kill zoom program , kill OBS


this works perfect for me in China, mainly use   nodejs /python. 


I’d like to echo the feature request.

Users should be able to embed an iframe onto a Wordpress webpage to livestream content within their own branded website rather than having to go outside of the website.  They should be able to hide this in a membership area too so only members can watch the livestream. Please add this feature!!!



+1 for embeddable for embeddable players for and for live streaming ability for meetings! 

  • 1 for the ability to have embedded meetings.  We are planning a client portal and will have this feature as a requirement.  Hoping Zoom can make it happen!   


@randy - can you elaborate what you did exactly? 


I would like to echo this request. Embedding is coming (see for instance WebinarJam), and I would love for Zoom to be on the forefront of this. 


You can do this with the webinar feature










YouTube and Facebook are great options for extending the audience reach, but the drawback is that you don’t get the full tracking of attendees. Our organization issues CE credits for attendance, and it’s based on percentage watched; and this tracking is not available for those who watch on YouTube or Facebook. So our desire is to embed the webinar, yet keep the sign-in functionality so that engagement tracking remains in place. This feature is available on for example uStream (Enterprise plan), where the Registration/SignIn is available even in the embedded player, and thus tracking is also maintained no matter where the viewer consumes the content. 


You can embed those players into your website


Yes, we can embed the Facebook or YouTube players on our site, but unless our attendees log into the traditional Zoom URL, we cannot track their engagement. Ideally, you would also offer your own HTML5 version of a webinar that can be embedded on other site, and where such embed retains the ability for attendees to sign with with name/email so that full tracking is in place.

The viewers who watch a webinar via YouTube or Facebook embeds can only be tracked via the metrics provided by those two platforms. 


Joshua, that is a good suggestion. Thank you. Do you know if you can make those livestreams private on either YouTube or Facebook?


Not really. On YouTube we can make it “unlisted”, so that you cannot access the webinar unless you know the URL. However, tracking would need to be added on top of that somehow, as we otherwise would have to require users to have a YouTube account (and even then, YouTube does not track things like “attendee xx@yy.com watched 77%”). We have considered using this approach and adding a custom tracker (js using HTML5 video events), but would much rather use Zoom for that :slight_smile:


Hi Peter,

With the live streaming to facebook/youtube the intent is to share the broadcast with anonymous users (not able to participate in q&a or polls).

Otherwise, based on your last comments, what you are seeking is available with zoom webinar as is, not required to be embedded into a webpage. You can provide potential participants with a registration page, require that they register to attend the webinar, and get participation analytics you seek via https://zoom.github.io/api/#get-ended-webinar-attendees