Embedded Phone - Unable to sign in

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Trying to use the embedded Phone widget and getting an “Unable to sign in” error. This is after successful OAuth flow with my own app and now i am just trying to embed the widget.

The documentation on this is severely lacking. This page says “just approve the domains”, but does NOT say how.

“Sorry, unable to access app. Please reach out to your admin to configure approved domains to able to use this app”.

OMG is this confusing, the setting is NOT in Zoom Admin area, or under Zoom Phone or under Zoom Apps. Its NOT under my apps in the marketplace. Its under the actual page of the app in the marketplace. Once you add the app a new section at the VERY bottom appears.

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Thanks for sharing this! Can you click on the “give feedback” button on this page and share product feedback on this design?

Sending feedback to Zoom.