OAuth failure "Oops! We were unable to complete your request. Please try again. (4,700) "

Getting an error when trying to direct client to complete oauth.
:// zoom . us / oauth / authorize ? response_type=code&client_id={redacted}&state={redacted}=&redirect_uri={redacted}&scope=meeting:read:admin meeting_token:read:admin:local_recording recording:read:admin user:read:admin contact:read:admin contact_center_disposition:read:admin phone:read:admin phone_call_log:read:admin phone_recording:read:admin

The client_id matches what we have setup for the app, and the
redirect_url is what we have for in the subdomains.

Several redirects then occur (:

  • The zoom . us / oauth / authorize first redirects to zoom.us / oauth / signin from a 302 status code.
  • and then that redirects to :// marketplace . zoom . us / authorize also from a 302 status code
  • and finally that redirects to :// zoom . us / oauth / retry / authorize / {redacted}
    with that last part of the url containing a random set of 22 characters.

Hi @eschug , if this is still occurring, please submit a support ticket with the error information (screenshot, url) and necessary account information (ids, app credentials).

Thank you!

Hello Gianni - I too am seeing this when attempting to add ZOOM integration to my Doodle.com account. (https://doodle.com/)

I am getting the same error (4,700) when attempting to integrate the Doodle app to Zoom Account. Would this be an error on their call / oauth app credentials.

Thank you.

Hi @turnbuga ,

The Zoom Support staff can help most with officially supported 3rd party integrations so I encourage you to submit a ticket. The dev forum staff does not directly work with integrations so we are not as helpful here.

Could your error be occurring because of this: connecting doodle to zoom - Zoom Community

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