EmbeddedClient.on() does not exists

Following documents describes EmbeddedClient.on method, but actually, EmbeddedClient instance does not have “on” method.

I’m using the latest @zoomus/websdk 2.6.0.

which documentation you mean?

this one?

I’m referring following documents.
EmbeddedClient | ZOOM Web SDK Components

Thank you.

@yoshiokatsuneo ,

Can you share a screenshot of how you are using the “on” method in your implementation?

@donte.zoom I’m not using the “on” method because the “on” method does not exists like attached image.
I can test using Chrome developer tool like below.

> client = ZoomMtgEmbedded.createClient()
EG {init: ƒ, join: ƒ, getCurrentUser: ƒ, getCurrentMeetingInfo: ƒ, getAttendeeslist: ƒ, …}
> client.on

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