Embedding Zoom UI into Website

We are looking for a way to embed the content area (video) of a webinar or meeting within a 3rd party platform (our website). From my understanding with the Web SDK we aren’t able to just display the webinar video area and it must display the full Web SDK view which contains chat, and other Zoom elements.

In the Screenshots section, I have added a couple reference from a platform called Slido, which seems to have just the video content within custom UI elements.

Can anyone help guide me as to how they’re doing this?

I saw a platform called Slide seems to be doing this:
REFERENCE: https://help.sli.do/scripts/file.php?view=Y&file=8aeqps7tx5jzy41mz79aw4anvctvou1z


Hey @seth,

They are just using webinars with the Web SDK, and turning off some of the buttons like In Webinar Chat.

You can see the Web SDK reference here to hide / show specific buttons:


Please let me know if you have additional questions.


Exactly what Tommy said. We hide specific buttons and modify some behavior with our custom JS/CSS.

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Thanks @pavol.slido! :slight_smile:


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