Emergency signage

The Update E911 digital signage API endpoint allows us to put an emergency message (sent via the API) that displays against a red background and under a caution symbol (neither of which appear to be configurable).

  1. It only seems to display about half the time though I get an event ID back every time. Anyone else having this problem?

  2. Can we clear the message without the event ID? If something goes wrong with our program and the event ID is not saved, how do we clear the message?

  3. (Feature request) Can we control the background color and icon that accompanies the message?

Hi @apu , I need to do some digging about your questions and have reached out to some Zoom Rooms SMEs. I also recommend posting your questions in community.zoom.com where the Zoom Rooms users appear to be more present.


Hi @apu ,

Here’s the guidance I received from one of our Zoom Rooms SMEs:

If there are reliability issues I would suggest a formal support case. Anecdotally I have not heard other complaints.

When you wish to clear an existing emergency notification but have lost the ID, send a new emergency notification, capture the event ID in the response data, and immediately send an API command to clear it. This will de facto clear all emergency notifications from the Zoom Room.

It is true there is no control of the icon or background color.

Please let me know if this is helpful.

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@gianni.zoom Appreciate the followup.

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