Zoom room alerts should include an alert ID and timestamp

The webhook event for Zoom Room Alert does not have a timestamp to indicate when the alert was triggered. Also it does not have an alert ID, which could be used to clear the alert when an event is received for the condition being cleared.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Webhook event zoomroom.alert

Additional context
It would be good to have an alert ID which is unique to the zoom room at least. This can be used to filter out any duplicate events and also to match a “triggered” event with a “cleared” event. Having a timestamp of when the alert event occurs is useful too. It is hard to match up a triggered event with a cleared event with the information available right now, because there could be more than one component in the Zoom Room which could match the alert event. For eg., “Selected speaker has disconnected” could be followed with another event of the same “Selected speaker has disconnected” and this new event could be referring to another speaker in the Zoom Room. A Zoom Room could have multiple controllers, microphones, speakers, scheduling displays etc.

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