Empty past meeting participants list

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

We have integration from our salesforce to Zoom where once a client registers in event on salesforce , we call Zoom API to create new registration on Zoom. When the event is done on Zoom , we have daily job on salesforce that call the Zoom API “past_meetings” to get the Zoom ids of that participants list of that meeting on Zoom , and based on that ids, we are update the participant status field on the client’s registration on salesforce.

Recently , our business staff complained that the participant list on their events on Salesforce are empty. When we call the Zoom API “past_meetings” we found it is not returning the Zoom ids for the participants. Can you help us to know the reason behind that behavior ?


Did the meeting have registration required? If yes, then the ID should be returned. This seems to be like a bug. Can you please open a ticket with our developer support so that they can investigate? Please provide them with meeting ID and UUID as well.

Hi ,

We have opened ticket with Zoom developer support and confirmed that there were changes to the Meeting API – Reporting and Dashboard endpoints , that removed the value of the id and participant_user_id fields from responses for external meeting participants. Developers should now rely on the registrant_id field.

So , our developers used that new field “registrant_id” instead of the field “id” and it worked.