Participants list is empty for /past_meetings/{uuid}/participants even when meeting has participants

Hey, in the past month we’ve had quite a few cases of meetings not having any participants (via webhook or an empty list of participants. Our application depends on this being available. I believe this is related to a recent issue posted a few days ago as well as some others posted a while ago:

A sample of meetings with missing participants can be found below:

  • i9tnJQldTL+PbcYJU30THQ==
  • DCeZJ93zSaa65lpwv94kuw==
  • lgCJMpIZRH65IbIfegTzhg==
  • 5NKJgSv5S2OoKHAMMYxM8Q==
  • Op/cXdN8RlWChBYD1sKfdA==

The last one (Op/cXdN8RlWChBYD1sKfdA==) returns participant_count: 2 from the past meeting info endpoint and an empty participant list from the past_meeting participants endpoint.

Any recommendations?

Hi @will-decker

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here.

Could you please share with me the request URL that you are sending when calling the Get past meeting participants as well as the response that you are getting.
Just make sure to edit or delete personal information

I have not been able to replicate this issue on my end.

Hey @elisa.zoom, thanks for the response. Below are the responses I receive for 5NKJgSv5S2OoKHAMMYxM8Q==

request.method GET
status_code 200
text {
  "dept": "",
  "duration": 41,
  "end_time": "2021-12-01T16:37:22Z",
  "host_id": "IoXZqfr0S62Ooe6BK0IoWw",
  "id": <redacted>,
  "participants_count": 2,
  "source": "Greenhouse",
  "start_time": "2021-12-01T15:56:59Z",
  "topic": "<redacted>",
  "total_minutes": 78,
  "type": 2,
  "user_email": "<redacted>",
  "user_name": "<redacted>",
  "uuid": "5NKJgSv5S2OoKHAMMYxM8Q=="

request.method GET
status_code 200
text {
  "next_page_token": "",
  "page_count": 0,
  "page_size": 30,
  "participants": [],
  "total_records": 0

Hi @will-decker

Thank you for sharing more details with me.
I believe this is related to a pre existing bug and it should be fixed by now.
Could you please try again? and If you experience the same issue, let me know


The participants are there now. Thank you. When did y’all fix this? I made the test requests on Thursday 12/9.

Hi will!!!

Happy to hear that it is working now!
I believe it was fixed during the weekend, but let me double check for you

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