Enable or Disable "Show Names of Annotators" for All Meetings

At first, “show names of annotators” was always off, unless toggled on. Now it seems like it’s been updated to always be ON, and I can’t turn it off. I wish I could set the default to be off for all meetings, unless I have an unruly student, and then I can turn it on to see who’s causing trouble. But having my name appear every time I try to annotate on a board is getting frustrating.

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I totally agree, It is very annoying to see my name when I am annotating on my student’s shared screen. Especially, when I am solving a problem and recording.

Being able to disable is certainly better. Having my name not appearing for me every time I annotate is a must.

AMEN! It is so frustrating to have my name bouncing around everywhere when I am working through a math problem on my students’ shared screen!

I agree. I wish Zoom would listen. This is simply annoyware…