Enabling Cloud Storage for Video SDK account

Hi there,

I have a Pay-as-you-Go Video SDK account, and it says to Contact Sales to enable Cloud Recording Storage, but they sent me here for clarification.

How do I enable Cloud Recording Storage? Do I need to signup for a separate Plan to enable it, even though I’ve already input my billing information for the Pay-as-you-Go account?

If so, how do the restrictions on the account work? For example, if I sign up for a Pro plan, it has a limit of 9 licensed users. Does that limit the unique users that can use my Video SDK app? For the 5gb of Cloud Recording Storage, can I delete old recordings (or move them to my server), so that future meetings will still be recorded?


Hi Sean, welcome to the Zoom DevForum :wave:

Sorry for the confusion and the bouncing around for an answer. You won’t need a separate account.

What you’re seeing there are some Meetings account factors unrelated to your Video SDK account. With cloud recording, your Video SDK account has a storage capacity but it’s not tied to individual users. You can have as many concurrent sessions/recordings as you’d like.

You can certainly manage/delete old recordings to move to external storage. Specifically, the session.recording_completed event is helpful to listen for recordings which are finished processing. You can then delete recordings using the Video SDK cloud recording REST API.

I am having a similar issue. I have a Pay-as-you-Go Video SDK account. When trying to record using a JWT app, we get the following error:
“reason”: “The account of the meeting disabled the cloud recording”
Where should I enable cloud recording for my Video SDK account?