Inquiry about Cloud Recording in Video SDK web version!

I had some queries releated to Cloud Recording and i cant test it before buying so need to help from support team! Have gone through docs Video SDK - web - Cloud recording still had some doubts!

1)In subsession of Zoom Video SDK,does participants have priviledge to cloud recording after buying premium feature (100 dollars/month)?
2)If yes to point 1 ,it will get stored to main Zoom video sdk owner account right?
3)how to identify the storage of recording of two subsession which were initiated inside same session?
4)the download url of recording can it be used to play the recording in video player i have built in my application?

Please take time to answer the queries!

@chunsiong.zoom any insights please?


Cloud recording does not support subsession.

1)But I do see a cloud recording button in subsession both when i join as role 1 or 0 although on pressiong it shows OPERATION_TIMEOUT!
2)Can it be implemented from our side that when we press that cloud recording button it gets saved in zoom cloud?

3)Another issue i am facing is when i cloud record in main meeting the audio in video file is empty.