Enabling Event Subscriptions Adding Unnecessary Scope

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I would like to enable Event Subscriptions for an existing OAuth user-level app with the scopes of meeting:write and user:read. I want to subscribe to the “Meeting Ended”, “Participant Joined”, and “Participant Left” events. I would like to prevent my existing users from having to re-authenticate.

When testing with another oauth app and adding event subscriptions with those events the scopes that are automatically added are identical to my existing OAuth app’s scopes.

When I enable the Event Subscription feature, an additional scope of meeting:read is added to the app, which I believe will require my users to have to re-authenticate. I don’t see why this scope is being added since I already have Meeting:write.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
Meeting ended event.
Participant joined

Additional context
Our OAuth app already requests the “View and manage your meetings/meeting:write” scope, but we’d now like to turn on Meeting related Event Subscriptions. When doing so, the “View your meetings/meeting:read” scope automatically gets added to our app, and can’t be deleted. Shouldn’t “View and manage your meetings/meeting:write” provide all the scope we need already? We’d rather not change the scopes that our OAuth app requires as that will require our users who have already added our app to need to re-add it.

Here’s a screenshot showing the additional scope added by enabling event subscriptions for “meeting ended”

Hey @pklong,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

I should note that the meeting:read scope is required for the webhook events that you’ve referenced. When you add either of these two events, this scope will be required by default:

I should also note that if you add an event subscription, your end users would need to authorize the latest version of your app in order for you to receive those events.

Let me know if this helps to clarify—thanks!

Thanks for the response, Will. This is super helpful.

Also would appreciate any guidance you have on our proposed feature.

We’re hoping to enable attendance tracking through our application. We have a user-level app with the scopes of meeting:write and user:read.

We can find out when the meeting ended by enabling webhooks as we discussed but so far we have been unable to find out how to discover the duration each participant spent in the meeting. Our idea was to use participant.joined and participant.left events to calculate the duration but this has downsides.

Is there no API we have access to as a user-level app that would give us this information?

The following endpoint would have been sufficient but our understanding is this scope would not be accessible on a user-level app.

Thanks again!

Hey @pklong,

I can see we’re in touch over email, so I will continue our conversation with you there.


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