Encountering error while fetching list of Meeting Participants even after enabling the recommended settings

Hi ,

Currently we are try to fetch meeting past meeting participant list via below APIs

  1. https://api.zoom.us/v2/metrics/meetings/{meetingID}/participants?type=past


the below settings have been turned on the root level

Account Settings > Admin Options > Show one person meetings and webinars on Dashboard and Reports.

But we are still facing the issue and running into errors, if we try to fetch via our integrated APIs for all the meetings in the past -

Below are the few meeting Ids we are creating via create meeting APIs and trying to fetch the meeting data via above API with bearer token auth

But we are able to access meetings which we create from dashboard and our SSO zoomaccount

Could you please help us out if we need to further enable a setting or update our create meeting api to fetch data for these meetings.

Any help on this would be appreciated !

Hi ,
could you please help resolve this issue

Hi @itisha.tiwari
Thanks for reaching out to us.

When enabling the “Show one person meetings and webinars” feature, keep in mind that this change will only apply to NEW meetings.
That means all the meetings that were held before enabling this feature, will need to be queried with the type=pastOne

I have a helpful post here: