End Meeting for all event capturing at client(Android)

I want to capture the event of End meeting for all by host, I went through the documentation i can only find endMeetingByUser or onHostChanged. Could you please help me out with this?

Hi harshvardhanmandad,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late reply. Yes, you may use the callback onMeetingLeaveComplete(https://zoom.github.io/zoom-sdk-android/us/zoom/sdk/InMeetingServiceListener.html#onMeetingLeaveComplete-long-) to capture this event. The callback includes a parameter ret, which is the end meeting reasons defined in MeetingEndReason(https://zoom.github.io/zoom-sdk-android/us/zoom/sdk/MeetingEndReason.html#END_BY_HOST), in this MeetingEndReason, there is a reason for the “End meeting for all by host”.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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