How will a host know that , he/she has clicked end meeting for all(android client sdk)

I have integrated zoom client sdk into my project and i’m using zoom’s default UI . I have a requirement to call an api from the host device once after hoste clicks on end meeting for all .I tried using InMeetingServiceListener and listened for onMeetingLeaveComplete(endReason: Long). The problem is, for a host , the endReason is always END_BY_SELF in case of clicking end meeting for all and leave meeting . I’m unable to distinguish these events . How can i solve this problem?

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Hi @saranyams, thanks for using our SDK.

Whenever the current user leaves the meeting in any way, END_BY_SELF will be the e end reason. After testing various scenarios, this callback seems to be working as expected in that regard.

One way you could determine whether a host has ended the meeting or not is through another user in the same meeting. If other users are still in the meeting, it is safe to assume that the host has left and assigned host to another user.

There also could potentially be some alternatives available through our webhooks. You can try our #api-and-webhooks category, or check out our webhook reference to get started on that regard.


As u mentioned, how can we get to know if other users are in meeting or not . InMeetingServiceListener onMeetingUserLeave(list:MutableList) is not getting fired for host, once after host clicked end meeting for all . So we are unable to know the attendee list detail

Is there any way we can know that in android client sdk ?

Hi @saranyams,

You can determine whether or not there are other users in the meeting by calling getInMeetingUserList. If the size of that list is > 1, there are other attendees.

The onMeetingUserLeave callback will only occur if you are still in the meeting. If you are leaving the meeting but not ending it, other users in the meeting would receive that callback after you left.


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