End meeting push notification



We’re setting up scheduled (type : 2) meetings via REST API. Joining meetings before a host (option_jbh : true) is allowed.

If a regular user joins a meeting, then disconnects before a host joins (room becomes empty) - meeting ENDED push notification is dispatched.

Is there a more granular way to control push notifications?
We need to detect when a host choses to end a meeting for all users in Zoom client.


Hi Enline,


I will confirm the intended behavior of when ENDED is sent and get back to you, Thanks.


Enline School,

It appears that’s the defined behavior when JBH is enabled for meetings - when the last person leaves that meeting room, it’s the end of the meeting from our point of view.  The concept of host is lost in a way when JBH is enabled. The solution for what you are asking is not enable JBH, this will have participants see a “waiting for host” message and the expected behavior that you are seeking will take place, ENDED will be sent when host ends meeting.