Scheduled Zoom Links Expiring before their scheduled start date

We’ve had a long standing issue with zoom that we cannot for the life of us understand – scheduled zoom meetings sometimes will become expired before their scheduled start date, but only if they are a month or more in the future. This doesn’t happen all of the time, only sometimes.

We have three questions to help us narrow down the problem. Please for the love of all that is good do not link out to your API docs and tell me to read it. We have dealt with this problem for 6 months now and I’ve read everything in and out and it doesn’t answer these questions specifically. I’ve had Zoom support on it to, but you guys ask for server logs that are 2 months old that I don’t have.

  • If I schedule meeting via API for tomorrow, and then 15 minutes later update it via API to start 2 months from now, when will it expire? 30 days after tomorrow, or 30 days after 2 months from now?

  • If I start an API scheduled meeting (just me, nobody else joining) using the start url, 10 days before the scheduled start time, and 60 minutes later (still before the scheduled start time) click “end meeting for all”, when will the meeting id expire? 30 days after I clicked “end meeting for all”, or 30 days after the scheduled meeting time (so 10 days longer).

  • Does not inviting anyone to the scheduled meeting impact the expiry date at all?

And a possible solution to this long standing issue:

  • Can I schedule a meeting using the personal meeting link of the user? I am unclear on this.

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