Enhance security

I have experienced some strange incident today while testing Zoom Pro features. I have created these meetings and their times are in GMT+5

Through API, although I have disabled join before host but it did not worked today (It used to work before but today it was very odd). I joined the meeting without initiating from the host and found that unknown peoples got joined my meeting. Initially an unknown lady was in the video meeting, I was not able to take its screenshot but then kids started joining and later a family from child caretaker joined in.

When I tried to take meeting as a host, this is what appears:

Not sure who is this and it seems like the meeting got compromised.

We are paying for the service and the security, privacy of the software should be taken strictly.

Hey @zishanj,

We are escalating this to our security team.

Please private message me the meetingID that this happened to.

(I have remove sensitive information from your post.)


I have private message you.


Thanks @zishanj!