ENTIRE Transcription WITH Speaker Names in an automated way


I need the ability to export the transcript with Speaker Names how can one achieve this today?


Hi Joshua, 

Currently, we do not have capability to automatically export transcripts with speaker names via API or JS SDK. Can you describe your use case so that we can share with our Engineers to possibly implement this feature for a future release?



Hi Michael- I’m looking for the same thing. We run a small app that helps teams gather customer feedback via video interviews- and we deliver our clients the video, and the transcript of that video. Would be great if we could easily distinguish whose talking by name via transcript. 


Hi Everyone, 

This feature will be planned to be released around October timeframe. 



Hi Michael, just curious if this is still planned for release this month? 


Hello New Theory, 

Unfortunately. due to our new Marketplace push this feature has been push to November 2018 release.