Epic Video Visit Integration - Provider "Host" error, Host is API Scheduler User

We have been having a reoccurring problem where when the provider joins the meeting the Provider is seeing “waiting for host”? It’s like the app isn’t recognizing the provider as the Host.

It looks like our meetings that can’t connect are linked to auto created “scheduler” accounts. Since these “scheduler” accounts are linked to the meeting as the host, the meetings do not connect when provider and patient are in the room. Both users end up seeing “waiting for host”

How do these scheduler accounts get created? We create accounts on the fly using the API, but it uses the First Name/Last Name/Epic ID.

We are not able recreate the issue as it is random and don’t know how they are created & linked to these adhoc accounts.

Hey @msmc.telemed,

Can you open a ticket at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/requests/new? I think this is related to the daily max meeting setting, and our support team would need to increase this for you.