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Hello I got send here by the helpdesk.
We are building a (bash) script in linux around zoom.
All thing are working the way we want it to work with the possiblities that do work .
Except what did work before the last update.

One function we created was to be able to inject a username into the database.
Which workt perfectly upto version 2.7
With version 2.8, we have the long default name again (YV9j…) and asks to join.
It happens also when changing location , other ip adress.

What has been changed, and what can we do about it.

Hey Bart,

I just wanted to let you know that we have asked an engineer to respond to this but it may take a little while longer. I’ll make sure they reach out asap.

Thanks, patiently waiting.

Can you help me understand which API/SDK you are using?

All the scripts are in bash.

So actually it is only a wrapper.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Bart Helderman

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And you are communicating to the Zoom rooms CLI through the bash script?

Yes everything is being called through the scripts.

There are two main trajects.

One for the configuration. This is when along with other data the username is entered. ( and is not remembered when starting on a other PC or location.)

The other traject is for the user. Only using remote control.

Hope this will help you

Met vriendelijke groet,

Bart Helderman

Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad

Can you let us know which CLI calls you are using specifically?

Been away for a few day.
The roooms are being called through a re-direct.
firefox --headless --new-instance --new-window https://zoom.senior-live.eu/senior-live/zoom-demo &
But I dont think it has anything te do with the scripts.
When the PC is moved, this wil alway happen.
Best Regards
When I change from cable-connection to wifi then it happends to, new long name.

June 11th
Hi ,
Just curious.
Any news ??