Username in the webhooks is different than what we send as a parameter

Hi Zoom Team,

We are adding &uname=Joe123 to the end of a zoommtg: link to populate the user’s username. If the user is logged into, does their Zoom username override the one that we are passing as a parameter?

I see on the webhook data that is returned, the user’s username is often different than what we are passing to Zoom. It is in this format:

{“payload”=>{“account_id”=>“xxxxxxx”, “object”=>{“uuid”=>“xxxxxxx”, “participant”=>{“user_id”=>“123”, “user_name”=>“Bill Smith”, “id”=>"", “join_time”=>“2021-07-16T07:37:13Z”, “email”=>""}, “id”=>“123123123”, “type”=>3, “topic”=>“New Meeting”, “host_id”=>“xxxxxxxx”, “duration”=>60, “start_time”=>“2021-07-16T06:49:30Z”, “timezone”=>“America/Los_Angeles”}}, “event_ts”=>1626421035025, “event”=>“meeting.participant_joined”}

Is it possible to add the username that we passed to the webhook payload so that we can identify the user by the username that we sent to you? Otherwise, I believe there is no way to associate the webhook with the user’s name or ID on our side. This makes Zoom’s webhooks less useful unfortunately.

Is there a workaround where we can pass additional info into the join-meeting URL so that it shows up in the webhook and we can identify which user in our system joined the meeting?

Thank you!

PS - I found this related forum post.

Hi @lucas.cioffi,

The uname parameter is no longer supported, but alternatively you can have your attendees pre-register so the join_url embeds the correct username information for when they start the meeting. There are more details on this process here: Alternative to Deprecated Client URL Schemes - #2 by will.zoom

Let me know if that helps,

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