Error 124 invalid access toke

where can i generate access token because i try to access api via postman with any zoom api
i got

error 124 access token

1 i am try to create access toekn
also i reefer one artical

  1. i also trie with jwt access token to generate access token and try that token in post man header but i got same error

so can you please let me know when i can generate access token and pass into post man as query parameter

Using the REST API w/ JWT
Zoom API Version 2 utilizes JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authentication. To use Postman with the Zoom API, we need to provide a JWT. The easiest way to do this is to go to and create one.

(You will first need to go to your developer account page and get your API key/Secret to generate the token).

Build your JWT on the by populating the Decoded section with the following. Replace the <API_KEY> and <API_SECRET> with your information, and set the expiration time ( exp ) in the payload to a future time. In your Production implementation, we recommend setting the exp to something short like 60 seconds.

Using the REST API w/ OAuth2
You need to build an app using to obtain your API Keys.
Then, you’ll need to follow the OAuth with Zoom docs to initiate the OAuth2 Authorization Flow. When you’ve received the authorization_code, you’ll exchange it for an access_token.

Then you can use that access_token to authenticate your REST API Requests.

Make sure to set the scopes on your app to implement the REST APIs you wish to consume in your app.

Once you have your access_token you can add it to the Authorization header as Bearer <token>


If you follow along with this documentation to download the Zoom API Postman Collection, and using the OAuth2 Client ID and Client Secret, you can EDIT the collection to include Authorization:

  1. After you’ve downloaded and installed the Zoom API Postman Collection, right click and choose Edit
  2. Choose the Authorization tab
  3. Set Type === OAuth 2.0, make sure “Add auth data to” is set to Request Headers
  4. Click on the button labeled Get New Access Token
  5. Complete the form (replacing the template strings wrapped in double-braces with your values)
  6. Click on the button labeled Request Token, if successful, you’ll be shown the access_token, refresh_token, scopes, and other properties.
  7. Click the button labeled Use Token
  8. Click the button labeled Update to complete editing the collection.
  9. Open one of the requests that is aligned with the scopes for your app, and click the Authorization tab, to make sure it is set to Inherit auth from parent (you can click the Headers tab to see the implicit Authorization header added with the access token you just obtained.
  10. Click the button labeled “Send” to send the request, and see the response.

I am trying with and createing access token but when i am using in post man that token with
below url
but i got an error 124 Access token is expired

Hi @if1,

If you paste your token into you will see that your token expired on Jan 17th 2018. You will need to input a time that is in the future for the exp property. Afterwards, the token should work.