Error 2001. Account not exist

I’m get given master account this:

    [id] => JPv7UZCzQYiY....
    [first_name] => ...
    [last_name] => ..
    [email] => ....
    [type] => 1
    [role_name] => Owner
    [account_id] => TnBlHQ37ShGkmlpKQ3Tu0g

But I want to get data about the tariff plan like this:

Also I receive a mistake:
“code”: 2001,
“message”: “Account not exist: TnBlHQ37ShGkmlpKQ3Tu0g”

Why I can 't use master account id?

Hey @uadeveloper, thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately the /accounts and /billing endpoints are restricted to our Zoom Partner Plan.

From the docs: “Your account must be a master account in order to retrieve sub accounts. Zoom only assigns this privilege to trusted partners.
This is only for a sub account that is paid by a master account.”