Master/Child API


We recently activated the Parent/Child feature on our Zoom account and have been trying to make API calls to test its functionality.

However, we are receive the following error:

    "code": 2001,
    "message": "Account does not exist: 5xxxxxxxx."

Endpoint in use: $zoom['request_url'] = '';

For authentication, we’re using the S2S Token.

Can anyone provide guidance or insight into what might be causing this issue?

I’m using this ID for the call :

You need to pass the account ID and not the account Number.


I appreciate the assistance. Can your clarify the “Account ID”?

According to the documentation, it’s obtained from:

However, this seems to be the same as the App Account ID set for the S2S, which is used to generate the S2S Token. When I use it, I receive an “Account not found” error.


Any clarifications would be helpful. Thank you.

@Tecnic i am going to DM you a link to schedule a call with me