Retrieve plan information for a master account?


I’m wondering if it is possible to retrieve plan information for a master account through the API? I can see that there already exist an endpoint to retrieve plan information for a sub account

I’m currently evaluating and testing the Zoom API through the trial version of the API subscription. In addition I have signed up for a free Basic subscription.

I’m using Postman to test the API.


Alternatively, where can I find the account id of the Master account. Does the Master account have anything called an account Id, or are these only for sub-accounts?

I now got my trial subscription upgraded to a Pro plan.

Also, trying to list sub accounts only gives:

“code”: 124,
“message”: “Invalid access token.”

I don’t think I have any sub accounts, but response says the access token is invalid for some reason.

Hi Morten, 

Can you send us the account ID that you tried to run the API with so that we can take a look?


Hi Morten, 

We don’t have an API to retrieve the master account’s plan info. To check to see if you have a master account you can check portal page and see if you have this tab for sub accounts. If you don’t see if then you will need to make a reuqest with our sales/support team to have a master account. 



Hi Michael,

Thanks for answers. I don’t have any sub accounts (don’t have this menu element). By the way, my trial account got upgraded to a Pro trial subscription.

Regarding your first answer, the problem is that I have no Account ID as I know of that I can use in queries that needs Account IDs. I assume that if I’ve had sub accounts I would have had Account IDs for these. Was just wondering if there was any Account ID for the Master account (or the “single account” that I have) that I could use? Not sure if that would work using queries intended for sub accounts.

As far as I understand this, I have only one account without sub accounts. By email correspondance with support I was informed that plan information was available on the User endpoint (Type field). So I would be able to retrieve basic plan information from there.  Also I was informed that some addons could be retrieved from the feature section in “Retrieve a User’s Settings”. However, that doesn’t seem to include all add-ons.

Add-ons that I can retrieve from there are:

  • Large_meeting: bool
  • Large_meeting_capacity: int
  • Webinar: bool
  • Webinar_capacity: int

Add-ons I can’t retrieve from this endpoint however are:

  • Extra cloud recording storage
  • H.323/SIP Room Connector
  • Zoom rooms
  • Join by toll free dialing or Call Me

Is there any way to retrieve from the API any information about whether these add-ons are purchased? Alternatively, if it is possible to retrieve just a number of the total costs of basic subscriptions + all add ons.


Hi Morten, 

There is not specific accountID for master account. You will need to first upgrade the account to master, the you can add on sub accounts and see the account IDs. 

Currently our APIs don’t contain this information about the addons you’ve mentioned below. I’ll reach out to our Engineer teams to see if we can add these to the user settings.

  • Extra cloud recording storage
  • H.323/SIP Room Connector
  • Zoom rooms
  • Join by toll free dialing or Call Me or  total costs of basic subscriptions + all add ons

Let us know if you have any other questions.