Error: Account not evaluable API Archiving

Hey guys!
We are trying to use the APIs related to archiving, but we are getting an error as a response.

In our account it has already been released as requested by you, but it continues to show the error:

“code” => 200,
“error” => “Not evaluable this account, _NumberAccount”

Now, in this case how should we proceed with this problem? Can you help us?

Attached: Our Access Token if it helps us identify and identify the error and error return.

Documentation we use: Zoom Meeting API

Hi @ulisses.mesquita
Thanks for reaching out to us!
As stated in our Docs, if you are interested in using our Archive endpoints, you would have to reach out to our Zoom Support team to have the feature enabled in your account:

Hello Elisa, in this case we have already carried out this activation and it has already been activated in the account, we have access to the meeting archiving panel, but through the API we only have this answer. I thought this message was strange, it’s like we didn’t activate the feature, but we already activated it, can you help us?

Hi @ulisses.mesquita
Interesting, I will send you a private message to follow up so you can share more details with me.

Closing this thread, the developer found the issue was on their end :slight_smile:

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