Error, after uploading master account information via account API

Good afternoon!

We are unable to upload master account information via API.
We are interested in information about current expenses and total number of purchased licenses on the account.

We use a query:

We get the following error:
{‘code’: 2001, ‘message’: ‘Account does not exist: me.’}

Hi @l-a-b-a
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Have you tried passing down your account ID instead of the me parameter to solve this?

Hello, Elisa!

Nice to meet you!

Here is number from Zoom admin panel: Edited

Project in marketplace_zoom_us: ba-project-provisioning_services_zoom_hu

Thanks for getting back to me.
Have you tried using that account ID to make the API query?

Yes, Elisa, we use it.

Thanks for sharing that with me @l-a-b-a
I looked into your account and it seems like you do not have a Master account license.
In order to access the Master account API endpoint, you need to have a specific license, please learn more about that here: