Get Plan usage Api not getting response

I am using JWT App
I want data from get plan usage Api -{accountId}/plans/usage

I provide accountId in but got response as “message”: "Account does not exist

Hi @dhirajschavan,

Have you tried passing in ‘me’ in place of the account ID?


when I pass “me”, I got response but after passing account ID but it give “message”: "Account does not exist.

Hey @dhirajschavan,

This is the expected behavior with this API as it is also intended to work with Master Accounts when using JWT and the me route refers to the master account.

Let me know if that helps.


Thank you for your reply,

My requirement is, I want organization level data from below api not only for me -

a. Get Plan Usage
b. List billing invouces
c. Get invoice details
d. List meetings
e. List meeting participants
f. List Webinars
g. List Webinar participants
h. Reports
i. List Users

So How to proceed for it.

Hey @dhirajschavan,

I’ll not that those listed APIs all operate differently than the API that are specific to an account. When an API requires an Account ID, it also likely is used in the context of a Master Account which is why you are able to use the /me context with JWT.

Other APIs don’t follow this same pattern. For example, the list users API doesn’t have any include parameters in the URL.

Let me know if that helps.


For List of Invoices -

accountId is mandatory for all organizational level data, so from where we get accountId for it.

If you have a master account you can use the List Sub Accounts API. Otherwise, you can use the account_id field from an API like the Get a User API to obtain the Account ID.

Let me know if that answers your question.


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