Error Code 1020 authentication issue

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

My application authentication logic hasn’t changed, but it appears that starting after this weekend there was a firewall change or something related to Zoom’s cloudflare configuration. Any time I attempt to authenticate with the instructions listed here OAuth with Zoom, my server code is returning an error from cloudflare. Running this same call within a REST client like Postman/Imsomnia doesn’t have this issue. It is similar to other posts like this Error Code 1020.

error 1020

Doing some more testing, it seems that Zoom no longer supports HTTP/1.1 requests. Modifying to HTTP/2 seems to have fixed the denied issues from Cloudflare.

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It fix my problem too.

Now I use option:

		Transport: &http.Transport{
			ForceAttemptHTTP2:     true,