Error 'code': 3000, 'message': 'You have reached the limit for the number of attendees you can

I do not have 1 person registered for the webinar. I am not sure how or why I reached the max limit.

With regards to the application, I do not think that the API create function is being called more than a couple of times per week. The API that I speak of is to register users for a webinar and generate credentials and calendar invite and confirmation emails.

The amount of api calls varies based on number of registrants for an event. We have 2.2 million users of our platform and send out invitations to landing pages on the site that are connected to a webhook on our CMS Strapi.

Okay, we built a web-based application that connects to via API to Zoom. Our application is returning an error message which I screenshot. So, we created a python script that connects through JWT and the error message that it is returning is listed below:

{‘code’: 3000, ‘message’: 'You have reached the limit for the number of attendees you can ’ ‘add. Contact Zoom Support for more information.’}

I need to be able to process registrations so that I can capture attendees that are trying to register for our events on the site.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Welcome, @FLAIA,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum – happy to help. I’ve seen this error triggered when adding the same user more than three times. Can you verify if you are trying to add the same registrant more than three times?

Hi @donte.zoom , I got the same error and this is not the rate limit.
I Create new webinars (with and without template), perform batch webinar registration, with an absolute new email each time, and I still got the code 3000: “You have reached the limit for the number of attendees you can add. Contact Zoom Support for more information.”

It is not like “3 requests for day for the same registrant in the same webinar”, it happened with new webinar and new registrant.

Please take a look, could you test it on your side?


Thanks for posting. How many registrants are you adding when this error occurs?

Only 1. But it happened when I add 2 or 3 registrants as well. I was testing it so not many registrants was added

@truyenphan91 ,

Okay, is this only happening when trying to add a registrant via API? What happens if you add registrants from the Zoom Web portal ?

Also, can you share how the meeting is configured and example add registrants’ requests? I am happy to test on my end to see if the behavior is reproducible.

Yes, it happened only with the api.

Webinar configuration:

  "topic": "Test",
  "password": null,
  "start_time": "2022-09-30T00:00:00",
  "duration": 60,
  "agenda": null,
  "template_id": "<emitted>",
  "settings": {
    "approval_type": 0,
    "registration_type": 1,
    "meeting_authentication": false

Batch registrant request:

  "registrants": [
      "email": "<emitted>",
      "first_name": "Test"
      "email": "<emitted>",
      "first_name": "Test 2"
    <30 registrants>
  "auto_approve": false,
  "registrants_confirmation_email": true

As you can see, I create new webinar each time so the condition " same registrant in the same meeting or webinar" should not be matched. But it was matched.

@truyenphan91 ,

Your request looks good. How you are making the request when adding additional registrants? Are you re-adding the whole array or just the additional entries?

I also noticed you are using a template_id, have you tested this without using that property? Also, have you verified that you are using the correct webinar id when adding registrants? Perhaps the webinar id is not changing as expected in your logic.

For the registrants list, I divide registrants into multiple parts, each part contains 30 registrants and have a separate request.
My flow is:

  1. Create new webinar
  2. Perform adding registrants with the webinar_id returned from (1). So webinar id is changed every time I run the logic, since it was returned by create_webinar endpoint.

@truyenphan91 ,

That sounds strange, can you share a screenshot of the exact response you are getting?

Here is the response. I got this even I add only 1 registrant

{"code":3000,"message":"You have reached the limit for the number of attendees you can add. Contact Zoom Support for more information."}

And of course I saved webinar id for each one created successfully, so no duplicate webinar detected.

@truyenphan91 ,

Can you share the Webinar ID?


@truyenphan91 ,

Okay, it seems there may be an account problem. Can you hit the Get Webinar endpoint and share the registrants_restrict_number response value?
Get A Webinar Endpoint Link:

Hi, my registrants_restrict_number is 0, same as default. It means no restriction

After further investigation, I can confirm this is expected behavior. For more information on this topic, please see the Meeting registration email limits support article: