[Issue - #16239980] Daily Attendee Rate Limiting Error in Zoom Webinar - Batch Registration Api with Our Business Plan Account

Issue Reference: #16239980

Status - 400
{“code”:3000,“message”:“You have reached the limit for the number of attendees you can add. Contact Zoom Support for more information.”}

We are currently using Business Plan.
We are having a serious issue while using the zoom batch registration api.

We are not able to create more than 3000 webinar registrations using zoom api across all webinars in a day. Since we want to register our system users in the webinars and only 10-20% will be potential attendee when webinar starts.

It looks this limit is way too low as per the current plan.

Could you help us in knowing our plan limits?

  1. Up to how many people can be registered in a webinar?
  2. Up to how many people can attend a webinar?
  3. Up to how many people can be registered in a webinar in a day?
  4. Up to how many people can be registered across all webinars in a day?

How To Reproduce
Once we add 3000 registrations across webinar in day, post that simply add any new participant in this webinar and you will get the above error.

P.S : we have disabled all sort of email notifications to registrants in all webinars.

Please do let us know what’s wrong with our account.

With your current plan, you should be able to register quite a few more users than that. Please see our documentation on Heavy Label rate limits as well as the daily rate limits that apply to that API:


If that doesn’t line up with the behavior that you’re seeing I recommend reaching out to our Customer Support Team