Error: HTTP Response - 400

Hi —

We’re using the API to create meetings.

$json = "{
	"topic": "22-001 | MEETING DESIGNATION - 07/04 - 14:30",
	"type": 2,
	"start_time": "2022-04-07T14:30:00",
	"duration": 60,
	"timezone": "Europe/Paris",
        "schedule_for": "",
	"settings": {
		"host_video": true,
                "approval_type": 2,
		"participant_video": true,
		"join_before_host": false,
		"mute_upon_entry": true,
		"audio": "voip",
		"auto_recording": "cloud",
		"waiting_room": "true",
                "alternative_hosts": "",
                "registrants_email_notification": false

We’ve got (say) 5 users Under License for the account, some are internal (same domain name as the account owner’s) some are external, and have linked their Zoom account (appearing as Under License).

ALL users have scheduling privilege set to the account owner (which is scheduling through the API).

Posting that same exact json data to will work for some users (internal and external, meeting created) and will return Error: HTTP Response - 400 {"code":3000,"message":"You cannot schedule a meeting for for other users, like user2@otherdomain will work but not user1@otherdomain and user1@ourdomain will work but not user2@ourdomain (where we’ll get this error).

NB: If I create a new meeting on the web from the owner account, I’m able to schedule it for any user.

Any idea why that could be? Many thanks in advance.

Hi @ubyxdev
Thanks for reaching out! Welcome to our community!
Can you confirm that this behavior is just happening for some users (it does not matter what domain they have? and also that you can schedule meetings on behalf of someone else via Web portal with no errors?