Error in the "login" method


Hi, I’m writing a CLR wrapper of the C++ library.

At some point, the “login” method started to give back a “false” result, but dunno what I changed to cause this problem.

For the log, when using the same credentials in the sdk_demo app, this correctly returns “true”.

In theory I’m doing the same operations chain before calling the login: I call the “init” method on of the authService and then the SDKAuth method, and both returns “true”.

The returned error is a “SDKError::SDKERR_UNAUTHENTICATION”, which description in the .h file  is “Not Authentication before use”, and, be patient, I can’t really say what’s the meaning of that phrase.

 Can you help me on this problem? Do you need more info?



you need to wait the onAuthenticationReturn call back event and the result is AUTHRET_SUCCESS. after that, you can call other sdk API. thanks.


Many thanks, I’ll look a it.