Error "invalid client" using postman to generate access token in zoom(oauth)

hello guys i am using post man to generate access token for zoom i done every thing. when i click get new access token button in post man it redirect to browser it displays "Your call is authenticated

A new window should open directing you back to the Postman app. If nothing happens, check to make sure your browser allows pop-ups."

when i goto postman it display like this in console
- POST https: //
© “Error: invalid_client”

it display error like this how to handle this error

Hi @sureshv2508 ,

Can you please clarify whether you’re developing a Zoom App or an OAuth app type?

For Zoom Apps, the access token request flow differs from our standard OAuth app type. This process is highlighted here: Zoom Developer Docs


Hi @gianni.zoom - I’m getting the same error:

  "reason": "Invalid client_id or client_secret",
  "error": "invalid_client"

We’ve just created a Server to Server OAuth app as per Create a Server-to-Server OAuth App but we’re stuck at step generating the access token.

We’re using endpoint:{account_id}

I think the issue might be the account_id - where do we find this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, can you help me with this query How to disable invite link in zoom meeting SDK

@geet , I responded to you here: Zoom Meeting SDK : How to disable invite link - #5 by gianni.zoom

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Hi @Anchovy , for server-to-serve, get the account id via
/users/{userId} endpoint and the account id will be returned in the response body.