400 status when getting access token with error "Invalid Client"

Hi, I would appreciate high level support for my request. This issue is more complex then it may first appear so bear with me.

I have a web application which is currently in development mode at the moment so it is using my development client id and secret. The issue I am having is that whilst I can get the initial code during the authentication process I can’t get the access token (the 2nd step), I am getting a status 400 message with the error: {“reason”:“Invalid client_id or client_secret”,“error”:“invalid_client”}

However, if run my web application and swap out the development client ID and secret for my published app client ID and secret OR if I use another Zoom developer accounts client ID and secret my web app will authenticate fine and I can get the access token.

So before you start thinking, what a fool, he is using the wrong client id or secret on the 2nd step, that is not correct. I have also shown this issue first hand to my current Zoom app reviewer and he has verified my issue. So to clarify, this is not me being stupid, this is a case of the development credentials on my Zoom app flat out not working. There’s something specific with my developer account which is preventing this from working because the app runs fine when swapping out the details for my production credentials or other peoples sandbox details just not my own development credentials - which is most frustrating for myself and also my app review who needs to verify the application works ok.

My developer client ID is: [REDACTED] and I am happy to provide any further information to Zoom staff to verify and hopefully resolve the issue. My app reviewer is also escalating this issue to his superiors as he can’t work it out either.

Thank you.

Hi @northernbeacheswebsi ,

Happy to help! Please check your private messages.