Error on Contact Center Web SDK - Subdomain URL

We have just started working with zoom contact.
Have created a video flow, and our Entry ID, and have uses the install SDK to have the code needed to integrate video contact center SDK on a Web page

But when clicking on the button, we always get this error:

video client init error: Error: The subdomain URL is not connecting. Manage subdomains in Contact Center preferences.
at onResFulfilled (video-client.js:36:15327)
at async setupService (video-client.js:36:15925)
at async useService (video-client.js:49:14695)
at async tryToCatch (video-client.js:1:2793)
at async VideoClient.init (video-client.js:1193:5828)
at async video-client.js:1193:272140

On our Zoom tenant we already have Subdomains added and verfied, but do not understand what need to be done with thos subdomains, what kind of configuration need to be done.

Documentation says that :slight_smile:
In order to add the video or chat client, you must satisfy the following prerequisites:

  • Use a verified subdomain. See [Managing Zoom Contact Center verified domains]
  • Have a video or chat flow to get the code to add the client to your page. ails.
  • A Contact Center license and an [entry ID]
    But does not says what it means by using a subdomain.

Can you please help?

Hi Jaime,

Can you check this support artlcle and see if it helps ?

Any domain that will host the Contact Center SDK needs to be added to the Verified Domains list.