Error showed instead of leaveURL when meeting is ended by host

My topic is about the following pop up message, for which I have an inquiry:

My inquiry is about the time difference between the modal «The meeting has been ended by host.» being showed to users and the time for our users to be notified by the webhook.

The webhook is not instantaneous. Your webhook service notify our server, then the server saves the new state and the browser must call at intervals the server with Ajax to know when the host closes the connection before the modal is showed. That period of time is too long. Our users have time to see the modal for approximatively 5 seconds before the browser gets notified by the webhook for redirect. Our users prefer to close the tab instead of waiting for the redirection.

I would like to nullify the delay and instantaneously redirect the users before they see the pop-up.

Which Client Web SDK version?

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: PC
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Browser Version 89.0.4389.90 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

Hey @jamesdeschenes,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Currently, we don’t have a method to automatically redirect the page when a meeting is ended. While we have an inMeetingServiceListener that you can use, it won’t fire until just before the page redirects.

If you would like this feature to be considered for a future release, I recommend posting in the #feature-requests category.


This is in your documentation: (Function Join(), in properties: leaveUrl)

This is a mandatory parameter and it defines a URL that automatically redirects the page when the meeting ends. The error pop-up should not appear and the redirect should instead be done right away. Instead of clicking “OK” on the dialog for redirection, the panelists/attendees/etc. prefer closing tabs on Chrome/Firefox/Edge/etc.


Also, I already tested the inMeetingServiceListener you mentioned. It’s fired when the Host starts the meeting/webinar or when a user/panelist/attendee joins or leaves the meeting, but not when the Host leaves or when the Host ends the meeting/webinar.


(I added breakpoints in the code to check when it will be fired, but they are never triggered at the end of the meeting/webinar)

Thank you Max. I will wait for your next response.

Hey @jamesdeschenes,

Thank you for the update.

To clarify, the leaveURL property will redirect the page 5 seconds after the meeting has ended - as you indicated. However, we don’t have any functionality to avoid that 5 second delay and automatically redirect to the leaveURL.

That’s correct, that’s what I was referring to when I said:

While we have an inMeetingServiceListener that you can use, it won’t fire until just before the page redirects.

As you mentioned, this means that when the host ends the meeting it won’t allow you to close the page any faster.

My apologies for not being more specific with those points.

Right now, it seems like the best path forward is to submit a feature request on the forum for the ability to immediately leave the page instead of waiting for the 5 second timeout.

I hope that helps!


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