No UI updates when meeting ended by host leads to errors

If the zoom meeting host selects “End Meeting for All” option, the zoom web sdk client will show a modal “The meeting has been ended” “This meeting has been ended by host” with the option “ok” (see screens below). Pressing “ok” will close this modal but have no other affect on the client UI (video will be frozen).

Interacting with the client in this state will throw various errors. The UI should reset to its initial state (black screen without any other elements). Alternatively, if we could pass a callback on meeting leave this could be handled.

Which Endpoint/s or Web JS SDK?
Web sdk version 1.5.1

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Start a meeting using a native zoom app.
Join meeting with web sdk client.
End meeting for all with host client.
Web sdk client enters error state.

Screenshots (If applicable)

One example: pressing ‘Leave Meeting’ after the host ended meeting for all:

Hi @edward,

Is the host ending the meeting outside of the Web SDK correct? Do you have the leaveUrl set within the Zoomtg.init function?



Is the host ending the meeting outside of the Web SDK correct?


Do you have the leaveUrl set within the Zoomtg.init function?

Yes. We don’t want to redirect the user after the meeting but this is marked as a required parameter so it is set as the current location to mimic a noop.

Hi Edward,

Right now, the leaveurl is designed to go to another link outside of the WebSDK, primarily since the WebSDK is only used for that specific meeting instance and nothing else.
Any reason why you would want the to be navigated back to the WebSDK page?


The reason is because we are building a dynamic single page application where the zoom client is one of many components in view. Unlike Zoom, the end of a video conference does not signify the end of a flow, so it wouldn’t be appropriate to send the user to some other landing page.

If we could have some event listener for when a user has left a meeting (either by their own action or by that of the host), we can handle this elegantly.

Hi @edward - as you may have read, we’re actively working on the experience of the Web SDK, and really appreciate your activity here as we improve both the module importing and usage in SPAs. Please keep posting as you run into any problems, and let us know where we might be able to improve.

Our Web SDK is meant to be used in conjunction with our APIs and Webhooks - thus, one suggestion may be to use Webhooks like our Participant Left event. I’d suggest matching the uuid of the meeting and participant id and then handling in the app. Until greater functionality (like an event listener) is added, this may be your (our) best bet.

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Thanks for following up! I can see how using the Web SDK + API + webhooks can make for a powerful combo.

Of course @edward, let us know if you run into any problems or if we can help in anyway.