ERROR: The app already called render Js-api first

When I invoke the runRenderingContext() (in the inMeeting mode), I’m seeing this error: ERROR in zoomSdk.runRenderingContext with config: {“view”:“immersive”,“defaultCutout”:“rectangle”}
Error: The app already called render Js-api first.
ZoomApiError — sdk.js:132
(anonymous function) — sdk.js:896
(anonymous function) — sdk.js:853
Global Code — 62c4707c4255527539eec0a8:2
(anonymous function) — npm.sentry.e9437c4193f8d78e6dc0.js:1
(anonymous function) — npm.sentry.e9437c4193f8d78e6dc0.js:1
(anonymous function) — main.f481858198f5fac85cb3.js:1

Any thoughts on how to fix it?


Can you provide steps on how to reproduce?

In the meeting you mentioned this was happening when the user tried to invoke runRenderingContext a 2nd/third/subsequent time in a meeting.