Error when get call_logs {"code":401,"message":"The account access token is invalid"}

Before Creating a New Topic:

I’m using the Phone API to retrieve logs using this endpoint and I’m getting inconsistent responses while doing that.
I’m using a server-to-Server OAuth app and it’s using the correct permissions.

Very frequently I get HTTP 400 and {"code":401,"message":"The account access token is invalid"} and doing the same request I get the expected answer.

What are your suggestions to deal with this issue? Is this issue known on your side?

Kind regards

Hi @tlsilva ,

This is not expected behavior. Can you please note the next time the request fails and then works? Please create a support ticket with the full request bodies and response so the support team can evaluate on the backend.


I suspect you’re hitting the same “feature” we did, where another service/host is requesting a new Server-to-Server OAuth token and invalidating the one you are using in this particular instance:

Hi David, Our code was not changed and we don’t see the issue anymore. It hasn’t been failing since yesterday. If the situation changes I will let you know reporting the exact request and response.

Thank you.