Error when join someone else meeting by web sdk

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Meeting SDK Type and Version:
@zoom/meetingsdk”: “^3.7.0”,

I’m following meetingsdk-react-sample for joining a meeting from the client site.
Currently, I’m able to join the meeting that I created.
But when I join meeting that was created by another people, I got the response:
Fail to join the meeting.

Is there any other config that I need to update or meeting-zoom-sdk not support to join other people meeting?


errorCode: 200
reason: “Fail to join the meeting.”

This is my config:

var authEndpoint = ‘xxxx’
var sdkKey = ‘euUbxEIRSW6FVBDb4r_PMQ’
var meetingNumber = ‘xxxxxx’
var passWord = ‘xxxx’
var role = 0
var userName = ‘Test2’
var userEmail = ‘’
var registrantToken = ‘’
var zakToken = ‘’

@chunsiong.zoom Hi, could you help me with that.
I already create a request ticket for this issue, the ID is: TS1272645
Note: I also try with zakToken but It change to show error: Not support start meeting via tokens

Case is:
Account 1 create meeting
Account 2 want to join meeting (App SDK created in account 2)

Get zakToken from user 2
Joining meeting created from account 1 by that zakToken.


For Meeting SDK, you cannot start external meetings. You can only start internally meetings.

Hi, I found that the issue is from

What I want here is you guys should more specific on the error rather than just showing Failed to join, it’s really hard to debug.
Rather than that, the policy for that cross-change as I check is written in a post in this forum in March 2024.
It’s really hard to find so it would be helpful if you guy add some warning or something else like that in the sample repo / official docs