I am trying to integrate Zoom Meetings within my webapp (react js).
I keep getting the following error:

{ type: “JOIN_MEETING_FAILED”, reason: “This account does not exist or does not belong to you”, errorCode: 200 }

Same when cloning the video-sdk-sample GitHub - zoom/videosdk-web-sample: Zoom Video SDK web sample and configuring the config.js file.

The Zoom App I created has a status “Activated” and the type is
Meeting SDK
Intend to publish: No
User Managed

I added extra scope permissions but it does not seem to help.

I am providing the Client ID and Client Secret yet I still get the error stated above.

Can someone please point me in the right direction to fix this issue? Any further configuration? Anything else to set up? Thanks

@sebasg91 ,

The sample which you are using is for Video SDK.
If you are integrating Zoom Meeting, you will need to use Meeting SDK

Video SDK and Meeting SDK are 2 different products, hence you are getting the error message.

The below sample might be useful for you. Look at the Local folder for react sample code.

Thanks @chunsiong.zoom for your prompt response.

I am just trying to migrate from Twilio. I just need to support one-on-one video calls inside my react app. I basically went to marketplace, created and app and not sure how it ended up being a “Meeting SDK” type. I couldn’t find anywhere to create a “Video SDK” app. Could you please point me in the right direction for where / what type of app to create? Any good tutorials that could help with this?

Thanks for your help again.

@sebasg91 ,

I understand. Do sign up for a Video SDK account here
You will need to use a different email address from the one which you are currently using.

Video SDK is a different account from Zoom Meeting, hence the requirement for different email address.

After that, you can follow this guide here

I managed to created an account with VideoSDK. Now if I go to Develop (top right) I only see “Build Video SDK”. There I only get a simple form with App name, email and then I have SDK credentials / API Keys / Add feature. No Save, Continue, Submit or anything, which almost feels like it’s broken. Should I be able to do something else there?

Using these new SDK credentials I get the exact same error as before:
{ type: “JOIN_MEETING_FAILED”, reason: “This account does not exist or does not belong to you”, errorCode: 200 }

I downloaded Web v1.10.1, run npm install, updated the config.js and still no luck :confused:

Am I missing something? Does the app need to be approved or somethign like that?

@sebasg91 please tag me @chunsiong.zoom in your response to get my attention.

After you fill in the app name, name and and email address, you should be able to start using the Video SDK credentials. There is no additional steps needed to save or publish.

SDK Credentials
For the sample app which you are referring to, you will need to use the SDK Key and SDK Secret to sign a JWT token.

API Keys
These are use to access the REST API

Add Feature
These are event / web hook subscription

Could you share a sample of the signature which you have generated?

Here is a token:

Can you tell if there is anything wrong in it? As mentioned, all I changed in the sample code was just the config.js file.