Error when leaving meeting


An error sometimes occures when we try to leave a meeting

See attached logs:

07-12 11:03:39.169 E/JavaBinder( 3027): !!! FAILED BINDER TRANSACTION !!!
07-12 11:03:39.179 E/MeetingServiceImpl( 3027): leaveCurrentMeeting exception
07-12 11:03:39.179 E/MeetingServiceImpl( 3027): android.os.TransactionTooLargeException
07-12 11:03:39.179 E/MeetingServiceImpl( 3027): at android.os.BinderProxy.transact(Native Method)
07-12 11:03:39.179 E/MeetingServiceImpl( 3027): at com.zipow.videobox.IConfService$Stub$Proxy.leaveCurrentMeeting(
07-12 11:03:39.179 E/MeetingServiceImpl( 3027): at us.zoom.sdk.MeetingServiceImpl.leaveCurrentMeeting(


Hi Amir,

the exception “TransactionTooLargeException” is because Android has limitation on IPC and the size of data. Zoom Android SDK has two processes and we provide some API to communication between these two processes. If the data exceeds 1Mb, the exception will occur. 

When this kind of RemoteException happens, Zoom API will not work. When some other IPC API is finished and have new spaces, then you can call new IPC API. 

the root cause is Android SDK has two processes and some APIs need to communicate between two processes. I recommend you do not use APIs in MeetingService too frequently. Also, don’t use them at same time.



I’m sorry but I don’t understand the answer.


The exception that appears in the logs I have sent happens in a class called MeetingServiceImpl

This class is in the package us.zoom.sdk


It’s not a fatal crash, just brought it to your attention so you can fix it.





Hi Amir,

thanks for letting us know. We will investigate it internally and will keep you posted.