Error when setting emergency address to default

I am using /phone/emergency_addresses to try and update our user’s personal emergency addresses and set them to default. However, when we try to set the field “is_default”:true we are getting the following error: {“code”:400,“message”:“User address cannot be default.”}.
If we set set this to false, we are able to create and update records successfully. After creating the records we are able to manually set the created address to default. Is this the expected behavior, or is there some other way of setting these addresses to default?

Hi @wshane ,

When we see this error, it can mean the formatted address is incorrect because the validation failed.

Was the address provided an exact match?

Hi Gianni,

I’m a little confused by that, because we are able to create an address and we get back a status code of “1: Verification not required.” Is this a case where we need to create the address and then update it as default?

Thank you for your help!