Error while calling Meeting create API with User managed OAuth App

When I use a User managed OAuth app for authentication for calling meeting create API, I am getting the following error:

“code”: 4700,
“message”: “Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [zms:meeting:write, meeting:write:admin]”

The scopes given are: meeting:read meeting:write. I can’t find a way to give meeting:write:admin scope for a User managed App.

Does that mean that I can not use User managed OAuth app if I need to create a meeting via API?

The use case we have is as follows:

We are building B2B SaaS product and we are helping our customers to use their Zoom account for conducting online classes. We need a way to create a meeting or start meeting when specific event happens in our app. That means we need to call Zoom API from within our app and also need to confgure Webhooks to track events.

As mentioned, our customers will sign up for Zoom and they will install OAuth App so that our product can call Zoom APIs on their behalf.

Can you recommend what type of OAuth app - User managed vs Account Managed - is relevant in this case and also explain why?


Hey @leenasn, yes this app will need to be Account Managed, as it requests admin-level scopes.

An end user will have to have Meeting:Write:Admin permissions in order to install the app. Once installed, you will be able to make API calls (which create Meetings for users on the account) on behalf of the Admin who has installed the app.

This is not inherently required. If you want to have end users all install the app, they will be able to authorize you as a user-managed app.

Hello @michael.zoom , I am building a similar app for my site. Is there any way to have meeting creation functionality for user-managed app as I’ve seen popular apps like Slack creating meeting for us even though it is user-managed app. Also, I was not getting my app reviewed due to usage of too many scopes.
Any help would be appreciated.


Hey @shubham.p,

Yes, you can create meetings with a user managed OAuth app.

As for the scope submission query, make sure you have only selected scopes that you are using in your app.